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Emperor Qin Dongling Luoyang stolen again ancestor difficult tranquility _-owned

's grandfather buried region Takafumi Huayang king and queen raised her grandmother, father and mother of Emperor Empress Zhuangxiang etc. mausoleum system in China has an important position in the history. Qin Dongling heritage management staff on October 8 this year, routine inspections artifacts in Qin Dongling One cemetery M1 mound collapse at the top of a backfill Daodong saw a new filling traces, and find multiple roots hacksaw and a phone battery pinch. After receiving the report, police at the scene found a total depth of approximately 30 meters Dao Dong, also found that cord, knives,christian louboutin black pumps, gloves, plastic hose ventilation, blowers, Daodong wall of wires, plugs. Daodong through the main tomb was first discovered in 1986, is the number one large tomb,http://ilms-saga.jp/cgi-def/admin/C-002/notice-board/visit/main.pl?PAGE_NUM, some experts believe it is likely to be the tomb Emperor Qin Shihuang mother Empress (known as Zhao Ji). According to expert analysis, more than 30 meters Daodong fried out with gunpowder, a high degree of specialization. Furthermore,barbour quilted jacket, in this captured nine suspects people, at least two of them lived in the 1st tomb near the village,http://cgi.cc9.ne.jp/~7islands-xxx/joyful.cgi, others mostly Henan and other outsiders. They use the information provided by local informants to find the tomb after the dynamite and other tools placed in the neighboring village, one or two am start Tomb activities. Large tomb stolen by no means the first time further investigation showed that the excavation One large tomb was by no means the first time. According to investigators,http://www.028qz.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=29740, then villagers reported last winter after Qin Dongling heritage management personnel in the field discovered a depth of over 20 meters Daodong the police station did not catch the thieves Dunshou few nights, only a simple Daodong backfill, this do nothing. One large tomb a few years ago occurred with alarming "dig" Tomb events. Jujube village a farm with a house,http://www.coowa.co.jp/bbs/bbs.cgi, renting a stranger, through abandoned wells, horizontal to the 1st large tomb dug Daodong 70 meters. Long night's explosion caused the villagers note that eventually relics found this "authentic", a number of Tomb molecules are brought to justice. Why tomb repeatedly stolen  Experts believe that such large fields like Qin Dongling heritage,http://tlc.zdit9188.com/news/html/?41872.html, remoteness, unhistorical members receive a monthly 120 yuan only protection fees, it is difficult to mobilize their enthusiasm, the local people's awareness of heritage conservation is also more indifferent. Reporters found that Qin Dongling although there is a paper tubes, but few people in the preparation and simple equipment can only meet the needs of the next day inspections. Backfilling or excavation  Currently Qinzu Ling Tomb merits of the case has been basically clear,spaccio peuterey, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the Ministry of Public Security sent supervision of the case. But how to deal with this more than 30 meters deep Daodong  Backfilling or excavation  This became a problem! According to the requirements of conservation work and found Daodong after backfilling is generally simple,http://www.capitalbay.com/members/, that will Daodong fill borrow elsewhere, preferably with no Daowa as before. Small amount of earthwork required Daodong little easier backfill; over 30 meters deep large Daodong requires extensive earthworks shipped from a distance,http://canvas.sakura.ne.jp/tms_bbs/message.cgi?page50=val%22, and to soil compaction will not rain collapse, such backfill is a major project. Experts believe that, from the perspective of investigators, after backfilling can no longer be evidence, if missing an important clue in the future who is responsible  It is understood that, in addition to One large tomb Qin Dongling stolen, the other should also be several large tomb had been stolen. For exactly the same approach taken Daodong: backfill! An archaeological experts say, after backfilling farmland farming and rain erosion, over time backfilling traces disappeared without a trace, but the tomb was stolen this no one knows. Wait until the archaeological excavations, found that many had not documented Daodong. Pressed down, who will be responsible  Who is responsible  According to Heritage Act, local governments at all levels within the jurisdiction of their own heritage bears responsibility for security protection. But the reality is that with the rapid development of urbanization,http://www.e-daimaru.net/cgi-bin/dmlbbs/dmlbbs.cgi, all levels of government financial investment in the field of heritage conservation is obviously inadequate. Faced with the current security situation grim relics, the National Heritage Board official recently pointed out,barbour jacket, we should vigorously promote cultural safety responsibility. Especially Qin Dongling thefts,blouson barbour, on the one hand to a recovery in the end, punish the persons involved; hand to fully enhance the archaeological investigation to find out the basic situation of the cemetery, to prevent excavation cases from happening again. (William)

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