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high-end SUVs rarity when committing the crime. In the perpetrators residence

'an I play. Yesterday, the Daming Palace prompt the victim to the police station police station unclaimed property. Off-road car at night wandering cloven hoof at 5:00 on December 14, 2011, patrol police station to be too Daminggong North Road, they found a taxi parked opposite the hotel does not turn off, but the car unattended. At this point,Woman was stabbed 14 knife assault killed her boyfriend smashed hospital doctors, there is a man in a hotel outside of a Toyota Prado off-road car and stay. When police approached inventory discovery, SUVs right rear car glass had been broken. Interrogation,Video Report doctors received kickbacks continued health authorities involved in the investigation _ New, the man said he surnamed Long (born 1992), a taxi driver, because the operating tired and want to rest, look good on the car off-road vehicles come to see,Chen and Liu rushed through t, did not find the car glass broken. But Longmou answer flustered. Police subsequently viewed taxi found the car in front of the co-pilot seat pannier has a bent screwdriver. Subsequently, Longmou was brought back to the police station investigation. Driving a taxi at night stealing police retrieved hotel surveillance video, once again asking Longmou. Longmou confessed together Gou (born in 1990), Shaomou (1992 born) stolen car property crimes. Longmou account of his father contracted taxi, responsible for their own opening night. He and Gou, Shaomou are junior high school students. There are times and Gou a chat, Gou said the night he drove employed "work" (skid car glass theft), to 100 yuan each time there is commission, fees and aerated eat a whole bag by the GOU. Longmou immediately agreed. According to the clues provided Longmou, December 16,hollister outlet, 2011,apartment inform Linlian Bo, police in a hotel will be outside the South was drinking coffee Gou, Shaomou arrested three people from the confession of crime 37. In the trial, Gou has confessed another car property theft gangs. The gang from the Lee (born 1995), a cow (born in 1991), Wang (1992 students) three members, Lee taught, "apprentice" Longmou theft. Lee,hollister france, who also took the same approach, high-end SUVs for theft. January 6 this year, police in a hotel will Qiaozi mouth three people arrested. Upon review, three of 16 cases of crime. According to the survey, two gang officers in flagrante delicto randomized crossover combination, since last September in Xi'an area since many thefts were more than a total of 50. Police ask the owner unclaimed property currently Longmou,20 I called the thief stabbed two accomplices downtown visitors (Figure),doudoune moncler pas cher, Gou, Shaomou three people were arrested, Lee, a cow, Wang three people were labor camp for two years. Police reports,diplomas computer, a clear division of these people, the modus operandi skilled,Arabella never worried about , high-end SUVs rarity when committing the crime. In the perpetrators residence,barbour sale, police seized Maotai, China and other high-grade tobacco smoke. Yesterday, the police have been notified to collect part of the owner of the lost property. Police said some of the victims did not report, I hope they go to the police station unclaimed property Daming Palace. Contact Wang officers,louboutin pas cher,his father left the Sichuan t, and telephone. Duty station telephone. The reporter Biao

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